Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Research Blog 10: Abstract and Bibliography

This research examines the prevalence of stress among current and recently graduated college students, and attempts to create a causal relationship between experiences of stress and anxiety and the privatization of higher education. This paper aims to identify in our country, the socio-systemic roots of the stress epidemic as they lie in a lack of financial knowledge and awareness and typical neo-liberal business practices. Discussions of stress-carry over and the medicalization of stress will be useful in understanding why individual accountability for financially motivated stress and anxiety is only continuing a cycle of isolation which can only be broken by comprehensive reform to the student loan industry. At the conclusion of this research the reader should have a strong understanding of the reasons why financial stress manifests in the individual, the ways in which the persuasive power of loan institutions in our government and schools perpetuates this stress, and how we can learn to view this stress as a systemic social health problem

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